Small to medium sized business service for outsourcing in China

In January 2011 Continuum Scotland  launched an Asian sourcing service initially for small and medium sized enterprises based in Scotland.

This service will typically flow through the following seven stages -:

  1. Initial meeting or meetings in Scotland to understand the product and/or service.
  2. Briefing of  Continuum China office, including allocation of staff member to the project in China
  3. Identification of initial potential sources by use of both sourcing databases and personal contact.
  4. Qualification of sources down to two or three likely manufacturing options including if necessary factory visits.
  5. Briefing of sources, initial pricing feedback and commissioning of samples.
  6. Ongoing work including design/development of samples and packaging through to final approved gold seal sample stage.
  7. Arrangement if necessary of client visit to Asia

The cost of this SME service is £1000, excluding any tooling, sample, shipping or travel costs.  50% of this initial cost would be refundable on payment of deposit money on the first order.