Alibaba Group

In August 2012 Continuum Scotland ~ China entered their third year as an authorised Alibaba Gold Supplier

The alibaba group of companies is a privately owned Chinese collection of internet businesses employing some 25,000 IT sales and marketing professionals across China.

Continuum have gold supplier presence on the international site which  brings together importers and exporters  from more than  one hundred and fifty countries across the globe. Originally the alibaba commitment was taken on as a sourcing resource for Continuum but increasingly now Continuum will build their export business through their alibaba presence in China. Whisky, Golf, Tartan and Silver products all feature on the Continuum alibaba site.

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In December 2012 Ken Forrest and Ella Liu travelled the 250 km from Shanghai South railway station to the Hanzhou based offices of alibaba – the journey on high speed train took less than 1 hour!  They were met by Kathy Hu and Roy Huang of alibaba and given a tour of the impressive HQ facilities of this rapidly expanding Chinese business.