McGregor Balfour Textiles

They say the two things that cannot be avoided are death and taxes – and dwelling on either is something most of us are reluctant to do.

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The Skin Guru facial system

The Skin Guru facial system delivers three simple steps to healthy glowing skin – using products that are both organic and ethically sourced

In early 2012 Skin Guru founder Lorraine Harkins approached Continuum to source a special microfibre facial cloth which would be used to remove the organically developed skin guru cleansing oil. The Glow Cloth as it became known was to contain tiny microscopic fibres that would draw out dirt, unclog pores and remove dead skin prior to stage three the application of Skin Guru’s unique nourishing Serum.

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Miura Golf bag production in China

Most “serious” golfers will be aware of the Miura brand. When you buy a set of Miura irons you are buying custom fitted, pured, top of the range weapons that will improve the all round scoring ability of the single figure golfer.

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Education Storage Products

In May 2007, secondary school teacher Jim Smart approached Continuum with an idea for a unique primary school storage product. The idea was at basic drawing stage, which Continuum initially took to various manufacturing contacts in mainland China.

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