Education Storage Products

In May 2007, secondary school teacher Jim Smart approached Continuum with an idea for a unique primary school storage product. The idea was at basic drawing stage, which Continuum initially took to various manufacturing contacts in mainland China.

Smartsack school storageIt soon became apparent that the quickest way to getting a successful prototype manufactured was to make one up in Scotland and this was done with the help of an experienced seamstress in Paisley. Over the next six months several versions were produced in China as gradual improvements were made to the original “smartsack” sample. On the UK business side smartsack was shortlisted for the Biggart Bailie innovation awards and also won the best business idea for 2008 in the New Start Scotland awards. Flushed with product and PR accolades Jim duly launched the smartsack at the Education North exhibition in Manchester in April 2008.

Over the last 2 years some thirty thousand smartsacks have beem sold into primary schools across the UK. With further product design, sourcing and marketing support from Continuum The Smartsack Company launched their second product – Smartsack PEG in April 2009. Designed to de clutter nursery and school cloakrooms the PEG has been received with great acclaim and Continuum are now working with Smartsack Company on developing and sourcing products three and four within the companies unique educational storage portfolio.