• exporting to chinese markets from Europe
  • Help with exporting products to China
  • making and importing European products from China
  • scottish products exported to china
Trading and sourcing company, specialising in bringing products from China into Europe

Continuum Scotland | Outsourcing and Exporting to China

The bulk of Continuum Business is sourcing product from Asia to satisfy demand in European markets.

We provide the following services for our customers -:

  1. Source capable and reliable manufacturing based on a dual source principle in order to ensure continuity of supply under all eventualities.
  2. Provide project management and single contact point between customers and manufacturers
  3. Maintain and update a price file using like for like manufacturers to ensure best price comparisons are achieved.
  4. Negotiate best pricing whilst maintaining good quality manufacturing.
  5. Conduct Quality Assurance and control and ensure that all certification is valid and applicable.
  6. Organise and manage all trips to Asia with travel logistics and co-ordinated factory visits arranged.
  7. Provide translation service throughout.
  8. Raise and manage orders.
  9. Co- ordinate and organise shipment and documentation.

Continuum fees would be incorporated within the price of the product quoted. Other than in our SME service which was launched in January 2011 Continuum does not charge directly for sourcing services nor for feasibility studies and as such is not a consultancy company.